District Showcase: Cumberland

Vision Statement

The Cumberland School Department believes that implementing computer science education K to 12 district-wide, promotes 21st century skills, such as creativity, collaboration and communication. Cumberland strives to help all students become informed technology users, make ethical decisions, problem solve, and participate to find solutions to personal, local and global issues. Cumberland believes this is essential to level the playing field, and close the “digital divide” and participation gap for all youth, including those underrepresented. Cumberland will do this through collaborating with stakeholders, and teaching skills to prepare students for jobs to fulfill a need in a variety of technology fields.

Fun Fact: Cumberland was the first district to submit a CS Implementation plan - way to go Cumberland!

CS Implementation Plan Highlights

  1. Identifies broadening participation (BPC) as a vital and valuable goal.

    Plan addresses broadening participation within the context of all goals and treats BPC as a component (not as a stand-alone) that is embedded within CS implementation.

  2. Ensures ALL students have the opportunity to learn CS.

    The district impact of implementing a K-12 Computer Science curriculum would ensure all students have the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in all Rhode Island Computer Science Standards, giving them access to the knowledge and skills needed to effectively participate and be productive in today’s society.