CS4RI for School Teachers & Administrators

Just over two years ago Rhode Island (RI) Governor Gina Raimondo launched Computer Science for Rhode Island (CS4RI) by setting a goal to have computer science (CS) taught in every public school in the state by December 2017. In 2015, prior to the launch of CS4RI, only 1% of RI high school students enrolled in CS courses and 42 students took the AP CS exam. No students of color passed. Today RI is proud to be among the national leaders in CS education with CS offered in 100% of its school districts and every school in the state participating in CS4RI.  

Through this effort, RI has seen record adoption of new CS programs in schools around the state, tripled the number of AP programs, and achieved more than a 500% increase in the number of students taking an AP CS exam since 2015. CS4RI has trained more than 850 educators through free, high-quality CS professional development programs, and empowered students to earn more than 2500 computer science college credits while still in high school at no cost to them, with 1500 more students are expected to earn this college CS credit next academic year. CS4RI engaged more than 2,000 students and industry partners at its 2017 CS4RI Summit, with more expected this year.  Earlier this year, the RI Board of Education passed state CS standards for all K-12 students, as well as extensive Career and Technical Education CS standards for students wishing to pursue CS pathways in high school.  

Please see the links in this section for more information on all of these programs, including CS Education Standards and Standards Implementation, CS4RI Programs and Program Providers, Professional Development Opportunities, Data Guidance, and Resources.