Bootstrap:Algebra (7-12)

Organization: Bootstrap

Format: 20 hour module in existing algebra course

Description: Students learn the fundamentals of Computer Science using a unique, algebraic programming language to build a video game of their own design. This allows students to blend their understanding of programming and mathematics, enhancing both disciplines.

Teacher Profile: No prior CS experience required

PD Profile: 3-day in-person PD and school year support

Cost to School: PD/Curriculum costs waived for one teacher; $1000/teacher for additional PD; Free PD Opportunities Available

Computer Access: Occasional student access

Unique Benefits:

  • Aligned to national and state standards for mathematics

  • When deployed in CS classes, provides a “booster shot” of algebra

  • When deployed in algebra classes, makes computing available to all students, increasing equity

  • Research-based material that improves algebra outcomes for students

"Teaching incredibly abstract concepts, like functions, to 9th grade students has been a challenge every year I have taught Algebra 1. I actually met with my team two weeks ago where we decided to remove the Functions unit and instead weave some of the concepts from this unit into the Linear and Quadratic Functions units. This curriculum provides such a meaningful way to help students understand the abstract concept of functions (ie create a video game). After engaging in this curriculum, I have already contacted my Algebra 1 team to suggest that we should re-include the unit on functions and teach that unit entirely using the Bootstrap curriculum. We will see what happens!"