Bootstrap:Data Science

Bootstrap:Data Science (7-12)

Organization: Bootstrap

Format: 20 hour module in existing course

Description: Bootstrap: Data Science teaches students to view programs as questions we ask of data. Students form their own questions about the world around them, and learn to analyze data critically and carefully to find answers to their own compelling problems.

Teacher Profile: No prior CS experience required

PD Profile: 3-day in-person PD with optional 4th day and school year support

Cost to School: PD/Curriculum costs waived for one teacher; $1000/teacher for additional PD

Computer Access: Occasional student access

Unique Benefits:

  • Effective tool to help students learn to make inferences from data

  • Works as a module for the data unit for AP CS Principles

  • Serves as an engaging and accessible introduction to statistics

  • Can be used as a standalone CS course, or integrated into a GIS, Social Studies, Business or Statistics course

"I liked how I had to work to discover how some things worked. I felt like I had really achieved something when I was able to write code that did something that I wanted it to do, especially since I walked into this workshop with no coding experience."