Gateway (6-8)

Organization: Project Lead The Way

Format: 3 units integrated across grades 6-8; each unit is 45 minutes/45 days of instruction; each unit fits a quarter or semester rotation schedule

Description: PLTW’s entire K-12 CS experience involves interdisciplinary learning, exposing students not only to computer science, but to various disciplines and subjects, helping them understand how computer science relates to the world around them. Follow up to PLTW's Launch program.

Teacher Profile: No prior CS experience required

PD Profile: 5-day in-person training per unit and ongoing training opportunities

Cost to School: $750 per school Annual Participation Fee; PD is $950 per teacher, per unit

Computer Access: Access for all students

Unique Benefits:

  • Engages students in collaborative projects that develop in-demand computer science knowledge, creative thinking and communication.

  • Focuses on the positive impact of the application of computer science and computational thinking to other disciplines.

  • The PLTW Gateway program also provides access to 7 additional semesters of high-quality STEM middle school experiences.

  • Curriculum aligned to CSTA, Common Core Math & ELA standards and NGSS.