Program Providers


Bootstrap is a sequence of research-backed computing curricula from the middle-school to the collegiate level. It can be deployed incrementally, allowing teachers to ease into computer science at their own pace. The first module can be integrated into a standard algebra class, taught by a math teacher without prior computing background, and has been shown to improve students' understanding and appreciation of algebra while simultaneously introducing rigorous computing. The materials are free and adapt to schools with limited access to computers. Bootstrap has been developed over two decades at universities and schools and has been used in over 28 US states and 10 countries.

The State of Rhode Island and are partnering to bring K-12 computer science to the State’s schools. Our partnership focuses on a K-12 pathway including elementary, middle, and high school programs that map to the state standards. We will work together to give teachers professional learning opportunities to bring these courses to their students, build local capacity for sustainability, and collaborate on best practices for state and federal policy related to computer science education. 

Creative Computing with Scratch RI

The Copernicus STEAM Learning lab co-located at All Saints STEAM Academy serves as a model for the integration of coding and advanced educational technologies, as one of the sites for piloting these new technologies and for providing professional development in these emergent areas for both in-school and out-of-school educators of youth grades K-8.

Project Lead The Way

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) is a nonprofit organization that provides a transformative learning experience for students and teachers across the U.S. through K-12 pathways in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science. PLTW’s Introduction to Computer Science (ICS) units give middle school students a chance to apply computational and creative thinking, explore an iterative design process, develop apps, and venture into text programming. PLTW is honored to partner with CS4RI to increase access to computer science curriculum and professional development for Rhode Island students and teachers.


TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools) is a Microsoft Philanthropies program that helps high schools build sustainable computer science programs by pairing trained computer science professionals – from across the tech industry – with classroom teachers to team-teach computer science in high schools throughout the US. Through the TEALS partnership, teachers benefit from real-time professional development in their own classroom every day for 1-2 years. TEALS volunteers and partner teachers create a ripple effect, impacting the students they teach, and the many students who will study CS in the future. 

University of Rhode Island

The University of Rhode Island (URI) is the Regional Partner for RI and supports K-12 CS in offering professional development for the pathway programs (CS Fundamentals, CS Discoveries, and AP CS Principles, as well as an introductory course in programming and computational thinking for all high school students that can be used as a technology credit course. URI provides a complete set of free blended-learning style course material, teacher professional development, on-going support, and offers high school students free college credit through the state's Prepare RI program.